Friday, May 4, 2018

weekly debrief 017 - final debrief!!

final weekly debrief!!! i finished up my model on tuesday. i reprinted a base last minute that way the light would be somewhat hidden. since the design is really wide and i didn't factor for that, the light only reaches the main body of the ship and not the sails but that's alright. i still think the print came out pretty cool so i'm happy about that!! critique went well.

the first one is it when it was mostly finished. i did a little more sanding after this photo was taken. and then the ones where it is lit up is when it was done and the power went out in the building. also unrelated to this class i also did another 3d printing project for a final in another class. so got my hands scanned in (thank you to chris at sea3d) and made little light boxes for each of the models. crit went well for that and i was really happy with how it turned out so i thought i'd share some photos of that too. 

im almost a little sad this class is over. despite my struggles i really enjoyed getting to do 3d prints!! i remember being really nervous for this class because 3d is not my strong suit but i definitely learned it's not as daunting as i originally thought. hope i can keep developing my skills with it in the future since i had a lot of fun making these. 

these are all cell phone photos. once i get home for summer i will probably try and take better ones with my camera to put on my behance.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

weekly debrief 016

I CONQURED FUSION 360!!!! solved all the troubles i was having designing my solar ship. i went downtown and got it printed. i was really nervous that it was going to fail because the sails and even other parts of the ship were really thin but it didn't i was very grateful. i also ended up cutting off the supports that weekend. one of the sails chipped a little but other than that it was pretty smooth sailing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

weekly debrief 015

i know i have taken too long to really start this project and that's causing me some trouble. i spent the week trying to learn how to use the program and started to create the solar ship. however i'm stuck on how i should get my idea to come to life and beyond that i have no idea how i am going to make the sails. i'm just so frustrated and extremely nervous that i'm about to flunk because i can't find a way out

Sunday, April 15, 2018

weekly debrief 014

this week was a work week and i've still been trying to balance all my final projects/getting ready for my exit show. i've done a little more research for this project and have started to think of more concrete designs for the solar ship. i'm also trying to figure out presentation for it for final critique as well.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

weekly debrief 013

this week was only a half week since class was cancelled on thursday. tuesday went fine, just presented our proposals for our final projects to the class. i still have stuff to research for mine and i will admit i'm struggling to keep up with this combined with all my other final projects oops. but i am still confident i'll be able to get everything done in time! oh and we learned that the crit date for this project is may 3, so thursday of finals week.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Star Trek Figurine Proposal

For this project I have decided to focus my figurine on a Bajoran Solar Ship. A legend from ancient times that was often dismissed as a fairytale by the Cardassians, a solar ship was used by Bajorans to achieve space travel without a warp drive. As I was researching Bajor, I found that it could be compared to any oppressed group. After talking with my sister and searching tumblr tags I found that people believe that they are Jewish coded. People involved with the show have also compared them to Palestine along with other oppressed groups of people. Also Bajorans are said to be really religious/spiritual and that's why they conflict with the Federation. Because of this I focused some of my research on symbols and motifs in those cultures/religions so I could consider them in regards to the ship's design. I'm treating this as a model of a solar ship that existed alongside the one that Sisko replicated in DS9 and it belongs to one of the ancestors of Kira Nerys. That's why I also included her Bajoran earring because while that is individual to her it's also specific to her family so I figured I could consider that in the design as well. Because of it's likeness to a sailboat I also researched that and found that the solar ship was also inspired by Kon Tiki which was a famous exploration that was done on a raft to prove that South Americans could get to the Polynesian Islands.

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weekly debrief 012

critique went well. chispa was said to be a portfolio piece and it was requested to make a movie poster. the other model was thought to be nice but it definitely paled in comparison to chispa, which wasn't really shocking to me. the next class we talked about our final project. i'm pretty excited for it even though i hardly know anything about star trek. definitely going to call my youngest sister to help me out since she knows a lot. my proposal for the project will be a separate post!