Monday, February 19, 2018

chimera concept

for this project i knew i wanted to do something with aquatic animals. mainly because in an icebreaker activity for my other class me and a couple other students were asked to pick animals and make a chimera and I mainly listed out aquatic animals since i like them. but since in class we were told not just to make it only animals my mind went to essentially merging Doc Ock’s extra arms with two other aquatic animals... I’m not sure if this is doable so im trying to think of other ideas but as of right now this is where I am at....

weekly debrief 06

for week 6 i put my first project together so it's just sitting in my room until critique. my mom visited me this weekend and she really wanted to take it home with her and my sister also texted me that she wanted it. i also did some research into chimeras to try and come up with a concept for what i will create for the upcoming project. i watched a couple videos on youtube for meshmixer just so i could start becoming more familiar with it.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

weekly debrief 05

fixed template for project so it would be a little easier to be made! i also got it drawn & cut out and luckily there weren't any problems.  the pieces are in my car since it's been pouring all weekend

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Reading Response - The New Aesthetic

So, at first I was really confused about what the New Aesthetic was even though the article did give a bit of a definition. The New Aesthetic is how digital technology and the internet blend into the physical world. Basically, meaning that virtual meets physical. I initially got the impression that the author likes the New Aesthetic and in this I felt like he was somewhat optimistic about it despite that he decides to point out what he believes are the flaws. His ultimate idea being that he feels that the New Aesthetic has not quite created its own aesthetic and it’s trying too hard to be a modern one.

Another interesting point I think he made in this article is how the New Aesthetic is already easily accessible to today’s society but so many people aren’t even aware of it. He also points out how the tumblr blog maintained by James Bridle just depicts modern reality. When he listed this blog, I scrolled through it for a while and it made me think that people don’t necessarily recognize this as the New Aesthetic because it is reality. These things exist and on a surface level we know it exists and aren’t necessarily trying to dig deeper into it. But that is what the author wants us to do, he wants us to question and think critically about the New Aesthetics. Which isn’t a bad thing…

I like that he posed that The New Aesthetic is ‘the truth’. How it is easily comprehensible yet also very deep. It’s meant for the here and now, it is contemporary, it’s generational, it requires your close attention. But then he lists his criticisms of it and how it’s not entirely put together yet and it’s made up of a bunch of random parts that don’t go together. I know he’s probably trying to be positive of what’s accomplished so far but as he lists off the criticisms he almost seems like he’s trying not to sound disappointed about where it’s at and that it will take time to develop into what he wants it to be.

And when he finally gets to the mention of Walter Benjamin’s criticism of art in the age of mechanical reproduction, it’s almost like he’s agreeing with him to an extent. He wants to know where the creators are to give the credibility/aura to the New Aesthetic. Eventually he gets to the point about how the New Aesthetic hides behind the machine and it needs to stop because they don’t react like us. He wants to know where the sincerity is. And here is where I think that he loses what he had going for him. He has so much criticism about how people are too reliant on the machine but wouldn’t taking it away completely derail what the New Aesthetic is?

It came off like he just wants to dismiss the process that creators have been using to find the voice of the New Aesthetic. He doesn’t like that it’s a hack of what’s come before as if other art movements didn’t evolve one after another with similarities before becoming its own thing. The New Aesthetic is still new, despite how it has technically been around for a while. Give the New Aesthetic it’s time, it’s failures, it’s successes, to really develop into something. Like that cliché, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

weekly debrief 04

got the vinyl stickers all cut out!!

i also finished my potential templates. im gonna print both out and see if they work before i send it to the machine to be drawn/cut. i also created a potential pattern, once i get the templates worked out and choose which one i'm doing i will focus more on how to apply a pattern to it's surface. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

sketches for project 1

so basically after thinking a while about the project i decided that i would make a 3d cut out of either just the letter K or a 3D version of a potential personal logo. i plan to have a pattern drawn on it as well as cut out. and if i can figure it out, potentially maybe add lights to it that way it could be a lantern.

here are some sketches i did to try and figure out how to make the parts to fold/put together the objects

im trying to play with the template and fold them with regular paper first to make sure they work. i did the get a small model of the K but im still struggling making the one for the personal logo. 

i feel like im drawn more towards the one based on the logo but i need a template that will work first before i commit to it. i think that i might need to make the heart part have straight edges that way i can easily fold it together..

i also need a pattern. when i figure that out i will post it with the finished templates.