Sunday, April 15, 2018

weekly debrief 014

this week was a work week and i've still been trying to balance all my final projects/getting ready for my exit show. i've done a little more research for this project and have started to think of more concrete designs for the solar ship. i'm also trying to figure out presentation for it for final critique as well.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

weekly debrief 013

this week was only a half week since class was cancelled on thursday. tuesday went fine, just presented our proposals for our final projects to the class. i still have stuff to research for mine and i will admit i'm struggling to keep up with this combined with all my other final projects oops. but i am still confident i'll be able to get everything done in time! oh and we learned that the crit date for this project is may 3, so thursday of finals week.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Star Trek Figurine Proposal

For this project I have decided to focus my figurine on a Bajoran Solar Ship. A legend from ancient times that was often dismissed as a fairytale by the Cardassians, a solar ship was used by Bajorans to achieve space travel without a warp drive. As I was researching Bajor, I found that it could be compared to any oppressed group. After talking with my sister and searching tumblr tags I found that people believe that they are Jewish coded. People involved with the show have also compared them to Palestine along with other oppressed groups of people. Also Bajorans are said to be really religious/spiritual and that's why they conflict with the Federation. Because of this I focused some of my research on symbols and motifs in those cultures/religions so I could consider them in regards to the ship's design. I'm treating this as a model of a solar ship that existed alongside the one that Sisko replicated in DS9 and it belongs to one of the ancestors of Kira Nerys. That's why I also included her Bajoran earring because while that is individual to her it's also specific to her family so I figured I could consider that in the design as well. Because of it's likeness to a sailboat I also researched that and found that the solar ship was also inspired by Kon Tiki which was a famous exploration that was done on a raft to prove that South Americans could get to the Polynesian Islands.

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weekly debrief 012

critique went well. chispa was said to be a portfolio piece and it was requested to make a movie poster. the other model was thought to be nice but it definitely paled in comparison to chispa, which wasn't really shocking to me. the next class we talked about our final project. i'm pretty excited for it even though i hardly know anything about star trek. definitely going to call my youngest sister to help me out since she knows a lot. my proposal for the project will be a separate post!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

weekly debrief 011

this week i got my 3D prints done at the sea3D lab downtown. before I did that I did add a base to chispa that way it would be able to stand. because of the detail i chose to print that one in resin. i don't know how long chispa took to print but It's 5pm Somewhere, only took about two hours. I didn't do any post processing on that one since it didn't have to print with supports. for post processing on chispa i cut off the supports and then sanded it. i started to wet sand it so it would go towards looking more clear/clean. i wanted it to have a glossy finish but i don't have the proper supplies to do that and if i ordered them offline then they wouldn't be here until after critique... but afterwards i still may purchase the acrylic/plastic polish so i can get it to look the way i want. i also think i could probably wet sand some more as some parts do seem clearer than others but some parts were hard to sand in general so that's something to work on as well. i do think that the model printed really nicely (both of them) though and i am happy with it even though i want to push it farther. below i will include some photos of the post process and then the two finished models together. this project definitely made me a lot more interested in 3D stuff than i was before despite how time consuming it is!

Monday, March 19, 2018

weekly debrief 010

this week was spring break!!! my youngest sister had hers the week before so when i drove her back to school it kind of ruined my break cause i felt like i already had to go back...ooops. over break i attempted the ideas i had for my chimeras. some of the files i got off the sites provided on the class website were frustrating and didn't really work out so i had to improvise... so i didn't quite follow the concepts i originally planned for. here are some screenshots in gifs:

this one is a combination of pikachu's torso, a seahorse, fish fins, and dog feet (i think is what meshmixer says they are??) idk what to name it yet.... maybe i'll figure that out this week. edit: its name is Chispa, meaning spark in spanish. 

this model is titled It's 5pm Somewhere. inspired by my sisters over spring break since they wanted to get alcohol whenever we ate out no matter the time.  it's a crossover of a beer bottle, wine glass, & lava lamp.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

weekly debrief 09

okay so this week on tuesday i tried to scan in an object but it didn't work because the object was not matte enough and the reflected light was messing up the scanner. thursday i was not able to attend class because i had to drive home for an eye doctor's appointment the next day early in the morning. my prescription didn't really change so i am relieved!! i found out the new due date for the chimera project and so i'm working on that.